AV 400 WB (MRI)

delivered in 1999 as DMX, purchased with funds from the FMP
upgraded to AV in 2002, moved in 2008, imaging equipment added in 2009


Bruker, shielded plus, 89 mm bore (switched with magnet from 400 WB (DNP)in 2008)


3 channels
4 amplifiers
gradients via GAB
GREAT 40 gradient amplifier
shielded gradient insert MICRO 2.5
Xe hyper-polarizer, brightlock laser 150 W
2 linux work stations (imaging/spectroscopy)


1H single resonant imaging resonators
1H/129Xe double resonant imaging resonators
probes for solid state: see 400 WB (DNP)
external lock for solid state

last changes 12.07.2012, Peter Schmieder