Heteronuclear two- and three-dimensional NMR spectroscopy of carbon-13 in natural abundance by multiplicity selection and editing: application to peptides

H. Kessler, P. Schmieder

Biopolymers (1991) 31, 621-629

Several new 1H-detected heteronuclear 2-dimensional (2D) NMR techniques are presented that exhibit the features of selection and editing of multiplicity. The theoretical basis of the new features is briefly discussed and application of the 2D techniques to a thio analog of cyclosporin A [thio-(1)-cyclosporin A] is shown. An extension of the experiments. to 3-dimensional (3D) techniques is demonstrated and the application of two 3D techniques to thio-(1)-cyclosporin A with 13C in natural abundance is presented. The new techniques can help simplify heteronuclear shift correlations and increase the resolution in the C dimension.