Heteronuclear NMR of DNA with the heteronucleus in natural abundance: facilitated assignment and extraction of coupling constants

P. Schmieder, J.H. Ippel, H. Van den Elst, G.A. Van der Marel, J.H. Van Boom, C. Altona, H. Kessler

Nucleic Acids Res. (1992) 20, 4747-4751

Two heteronuclear proton-carbon NMR experiments are applied to the DNA-octamer d(TTGGCCAA)2 with carbon in natural abundance. They lead to a complete assignment of the carbon resonances of the sugars and bases. In addition, several heteronuclear coupling constants, proton-carbon as well as proton-phosphorous and phosphorous-carbon, were determined. The information can be obtained in a reasonable measuring time and offers valuable information for a detailed picture of DNA structure.