Improved resolution in triple-resonance spectra by nonlinear sampling in the constant-time domain

P. Schmieder, A.S. Stern, G. Wagner, J.C. Hoch

J. Biomol. NMR (1994) 4, 483-490

Nonlinear sampling along the constant-time dimension is applied to the consant-time HNCO spectrum of the dimerization domain of Ga14. Nonlinear sampling was used for the nitrogen dimension, while the carbon and proton dimensions were sampled linearly. A conventional ct-HNCO spectrum is compared with a nonlinearly sampled spectrum, where the gain in experiment time obtained from nonlinear sampling is used to increase the resolution in the carbonyl dimension. Nonlinearly sampled data are processed by maximum entropy reconstruction. It is shown that the nonlinearly sampled spectrum has a higher resolution, although it was recorded in less time. The const. intensity of the signal in the constant-time dimension allows for a variety of sampling schedules. A schedule of randomly distributed sampling points yields the best results. This general method can be used to significantly increase the quality of heteronuclear consant-time spectra.