A software tool for the prediction of xaa-pro peptide bond conformations in proteins based on 13C chemical shift statistics

M. Schubert, D. Labudde, H. Oschkinat, P. Schmieder

J. Biomol. NMR (2002) 24, 149-154

The chemical shift difference (delta[13C(beta)]-delta[13C(gamma)]) is a reference-independent indicator of the Xaa-Pro peptide bond conformation. Based on a statistical analysis of the 13C chemical shifts of 1,033 prolines from 304 proteins deposited in the BioMagRes database, a software tool was created to predict the probabilities for cis or trans conformations of Xaa-Pro peptide bonds. Using this approach, the conformation at a given Xaa-Pro bond can be immediately after obtaining its NMR resonance assignments. This will allow subsequent structure calculations to be initiated using the correct polypeptide chain conformation.