Peter Schmieder: Research

Research Focus
The group Solution NMR spectroscopy uses the full repertoire of solution state NMR techniques in conjunction with a variety of labelling patterns to address questions of biological and pharmacological importance. These range from the development of new techniques for solution state NMR for to the elucidation of the constitution and configuration of biological active peptides to and the determination of the three-dimensional structure of peptides and proteins.

List of funding

Projects (Past and present)

NMR spectroscopic investigation of micropolymorphism-dependent dynamics of human major histocompatibility antigens Structure determination and domain interaction of the photochromic protein YtvA from Bacilus subtilis
NMR spectroscopic investigation of the intecation of single-strand binding protein (SSB) with proteins of the bacterial replication machinery Control of protein-protein-interactions through conformational changes induced by light: photo-switchable ligand molecules for PDZ domains
Structure of the chromophore in the phytochrome Cph1 from Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 Regulation of phytochrome biological function through light-induced conformational changes: A study using solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Molecular and structural pattern of claudin-claudin interactions in tight junctions Antimicrobial peptides: Structure of antimicrobial peptides bound to detergent micells
31P-NMR of lake sediments Structure of cyanobacterial peptides
Amino acid selective pulse sequences for an automated assignment of protein spectra

Former and current cooperation partners

within the FMP   outside the FMP
Ronald Kühne   Barbara Uchanska-Ziegler/Andreas Ziegler (FU Berlin)
Gerd Krause   Ute Curth (MH Hannover)
Margitta Dathe   Michael Hupfer (IGB Berlin)
Michael Beyermann   Jon Hughes (U Giessen)
  Tilman Lamparter (KIT Karlsruhe)
  Wolfgang Gärtner (MPI Mülheim)
  Peter Hildebrandt (TU Berlin)
  Hans von Döhren (TU Berlin)
  Karola Rück-Braun (TU Berlin)

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